ChemWand Features

ChemWand® - Features

Conforms to standard containers
  • Suitable for metal or plastic 55 gallon drums
  • Mounts securely on standard 2" threaded bunghole
  • Optional USA buttress bunghole adapter
  • Optional Euro buttress bunghole adapter
Engineered features
  • Easy depth adjustment: Just slide it down until it stops against the bottom
  • Better liquid recovery: Built-in stepped foot valve helps you recover more of your expensive liquid
  • Built-in tube adapter: Liquid port includes a 1/2" suction tube adapter. 1/2" female threads are also provided
  • Exclude insects: Vent port is equipped with an insect screen.
  • Compatible with inert gas flushing: Remove the insect screen and use the 1/2" FPT threaded vent port as a connection for nitrogen or another inert gas
  • No need to disconnect suction tube while changing drums
ChemWand® in front of 55 gallon barrel

Natural color (white) ChemWand® is ready for use in a 55 gallon drum

Chemical resistance[1]
[1] Check chemical compatibility before purchasing. You can consult this chemical resistance of polypropylene table as a guide.
Custom ChemWand® configurations
Color options
Other options
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