Using ChemWand Dip Tubes with a Standard Thread Bunghole

Using ChemWand Dip Tubes with a Standard Thread Bunghole

ChemWand dip tubes are easy to use on a drum's standard thread bunghole.

Standard 2" bung adapter

Take the handy 2" bung adapter...

Thread adapter into drum

... and thread it into the drum.

Insert foot valve through adapter

Insert the foot valve through the adapter.

Line up ChemWand® head

Line up ChemWand dip tube head.

Push ChemWand® down into adapter

Push it down...

ChemWand® fully inserted

... until the foot valve stops against the bottom of the drum

You're ready to go! You're sure the ChemWand dip tube is staying where you put it. You're sure you're venting the drum correctly. You're keeping those pesky insects out of your drum. You're enjoying the fact that the liquid is only in contact with polypropylene and Viton. What about using ChemWand with the buttress bunghole of a 55 gallon drum?

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