Using ChemWand Dip Tubes with a Buttress Bunghole

Flexibility: Engineered ChemWand dip tubes can feed chemicals
from drums equipped with buttress threads.

2" adapter with buttress threads

The second opening on some drums has course threads
known as "buttress" threads.
Optional adapters are available to allow ChemWandto be used
with either USA or Euro buttress threads.

Buttress adapter in bung hole

Once the buttress adapter is in place in the buttress bung hole...

Standard 2" bung adapter

...the standard 2" bung adapter...

ChemWand® in bung adapter

...accommodates the ChemWand dip tube head.

Line up ChemWand® head

Line up the ChemWand dip tube head.

Push ChemWand® down into adapter

Push it down...

ChemWand® fully inserted

...until the foot valve stops against the bottom of the drum.

Think of the flexibility. Now you can use either bunghole to feed chemicals to your process... or use both at the same time to feed two pumps simultaneously. What about using ChemWand with the regular pipe thread bunghole of a 55 gallon drum?

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